Audiovisual installative performance that dicusses the way that cinema appropriates the human body in it’s different genres. This work was born from the confluence of Dudu’s and Karina Montenegro’s work. In the performance, Dudu improvises and mix the sounds into the space, and Karina does […]



Sound Installation composed with sounds recorded in Paris in specific neighborhoods with concentration of immigrants. Creating images and narratives through sounds of different qualities. Dealing with the interactor´s audiovisual imagination by creating different atmospheres with ordinary sounds of everyday. An ordinary parisian life transformed in […]


kafkanian printers

Synopsis Kafkanians Printers is a sound art installation that deals with the possibilities of composition with textures and spacialization of sounds of dot matrix printers processed in real time through commands typed in social networks besides proposing a critical view of the marketing concept of planned […]


symphony for open spaces

Sound Art Installation realized in March 2010 at the individual exposition at SESC Ipiranga. It’s influenced by north-american music of the beginning of XX century, and has elements of contemporary eletroacoustic music. The themes was created after the autor’s intimate memories inspired by cinema. Dudu […]


Invisible memories

Sinopsis Sound Art Interactive Installation that recreates the artist grandmother’s house that can only be experienced by audiophonic interface. The interactor is invited to acess deep affective memories and an infinite range of images based in the sound scape of the house. Concept By walking […]