Sinopse Promenade é uma intervenção urbana sonora participativa que propõe uma ocupação do espaço público através da música. Baseada em procedimentos de performance e dinâmicas coletivas construídas em relações de confiança e de livre participação pública, em Promenade os moradores e os espectadores experienciam […]


Cine Território

  PT Cine Território é uma performance audiovisual que lida com questões sócio-política-ambientais através de composições e improvisos audiovisuais e interfaces interativas. Em sua primeira apresentação, os artistas Dudu Tsuda e Karina Montenegro apresentaram material audiovisual gravado em manifestações contra o atual governo ilegítimo e […]

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間 Ma is a research about the Japanese concept of 間 “Ma” and the cagean concept of silence. It blends sound art, performance art and relational art researches. 間 “Ma” is the space between two situations, the interval, the reminescence of sound just before silence. […]


Study for Silence / Estudo para o Silêncio

Study for Silence is a performance that blends experimental music creation in the piano with performance procedures. It is based in Fluxus instructions performance procedures, endurance performance researches of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the cagean concept casual music and the concept of environment and live act […]


le temps suspendu

Le Temps Suspendu is a experimental music performance composed after time and space sensations lived by the artist during his trips and artistic residences. Nostalgic memories from another time, acoustic and spacial experiences in a lamb field at Alentejo, african children having classes in little […]



Pedreira is a site specific installation witch deals with the history of Vitor Civita square in a aesthetic and poetic way. The square`s soil is still contaminated with the toxic garbage that used to be burnt there, but nowadays the incinerator is a leisure place. […]



Audiovisual installative performance that dicusses the way that cinema appropriates the human body in it’s different genres. This work was born from the confluence of Dudu’s and Karina Montenegro’s work. In the performance, Dudu improvises and mix the sounds into the space, and Karina does […]