Sound Installation composed with sounds recorded in Paris in specific neighborhoods with concentration of immigrants.

Creating images and narratives through sounds of different qualities. Dealing with the interactor´s audiovisual imagination by creating different atmospheres with ordinary sounds of everyday. An ordinary parisian life transformed in an intriguing audiophonic immersive experience.
Field recording is the base of this composition, and Paris is the soundscape of this narrative. A shopping day, a museum visit, or a simple conversation while walking by the Sena. Pictures and memories turned into sound ambiences.
Developing the imagetic thinking in the audiophonic creation is the key point of this interactive audio installation.
Different techniques of eletroacoustic music and sound art were used to create textures, sound sculptures and sound ambiences, as well as site specific concept will be used to create space sensation. In this context, space is explored by sound perception in a quadriphonic immersive environment.
The events and scenes are mixed in a non linear narrative, just like the way our brain organize the everyday information. Scraps, fragments, short memories, all mixture and chained in a cinematic way.
The logic of dreams traduced in a tridimensional sound experience that invites the interactor to create his own images and memories of Paris.