Invisible memories



Sound Art Interactive Installation that recreates the artist grandmother’s house that can only be experienced by audiophonic interface. The interactor is invited to acess deep affective memories and an infinite range of images based in the sound scape of the house.


By walking through the floor plan of my grandmother’s house, the interactor will be able to listen to the soundscape of each ambient with a wireless earphone and a software interactive enviroment.
So, by walking from the kitchen to the living room, the interactor will be able to hear the small detailed different sounds that modify the space of each ambient, and enrich the architectural experience through audiophonic perception. A sensor displayed in the earphone will give the exact position of the person in the floor plan, so that the software can realize a realtime mix of the audiotracks of the different rooms of the house. A transposition through time and space into the house experienced by the sounds.
In a solitary and imersive experience, the interactor has, in Invisible Memories, the chance to explore deeply the sense of audition many times put in second plan.

The floor plan of a house. I look around and among the white lines some objects burst into my sight. By walking through each room, I start a peculiar relation with the space. Memories only remembered when experienced. Sounds coming from the kitchen, my grandmother draging her slippers on the carpet, birds singing in the room’s window. An invisible archtecture of emotions and sensations. A house that can only be experienced by audiophonic interface, that will give acess to deep afective memories and an infinite range of images.

Dudu Tsuda :: direction, conception, audio caption, audio editing, mixing
Ricardo Palmieri :: programming

Marc Dourdin :: photos and video editing